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O2GO Hi-Boost Oxygen Best Natural Bodybuilding Supplement

Research has shown that extra oxygen enables you to recover more quickly from exertion. It allows someone to train and then exercise again.  

Using O2GO Hi-boost oxygen pre, during and post workout can help you gain muscle naturally. There are also other things you can do, supplements you can take and dietary methods you can follow that can help you build muscle. 

Consistency: You need to be consistent in your diet, your training, and in keeping your calories consistent. We’re not all born with the best genetic set but we can all be consistent in our approach.

Hard Work: You have to work with what you’ve got. You may not have the smallest waist, or the best shoulders, but hard work will enable you to make the best of those features.

Dedication: Live and breath bodybuilding for years. That means eating the right things, getting up each morning and training hard. David Beckham became the best free kick taker in the world through dedication and. training day in day out.

Balance: You need to live a balanced life. Spend time with your kids, with your partner, have the occasional cheat meal, go out with friends occasionally. Also balance your food intake so that you are getting your vitamins and minerals.

Training Partner: Get yourself a training partner who is motivated, wants to progress and wants to do the training. You need to pick someone who has the same kind of mentality as you. And move on from that partner if you feel that they are holding you back or don’t share your desire.

Train Smart: Reduce the risk of injury by doing a lot of ‘super sets’ which help break muscle tissue down and minimises the risk of injury.

Recovery: use a number of things to help you recover. The first is O2GO Hi-boost oxygen which he uses before and after major sets to help him recover. Secondly,  take a post workout drink packed with good stuff and then about 30 minutes later has a sugary drink with protein powder.

Posing: A lot of bodybuilders slack on the posing and can struggle on stage. Posing is really painful and the next day feels like the results of your hardest workout so you need to practice your posing.

Being An Athlete: To be a great bodybuilder you need to be an athlete. Run, box, thai box or play football. Fitness is inside and outside the body and a lot of bodybuilders forget this.

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